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Snoo Nursery for Baby Girl | Pink Floral Boho Ideas

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you. Please read my disclosure for more info.

My baby girl nursery ideas and dreams began before my daughter was even conceived! Since the birth of my son, I have had an obsession with RH Baby and Child. Before I even found out we were having a girl, I proactively started to plan her nursery. At ten weeks pregnant I got the test to determine the sex and found out a few days later!

We purchased our best friend the Snoo for my son in 2017 when it very first came out. We hung onto it for our daughter and it holds such a warm place in our hearts. I plan to write up a review on it soon because it is truly amazing!

Inspiration: I fell in love with the soft peonies and of course the chandelier. I am obsessed with this picture from RH Baby and Child (sans the unsafe crib bumpers - why do they have to put these pretty things in the photos?!)

I am so happy with how the nursery turned out!

Here's how you can get this look:

If you're having a baby YOU NEED A Snoo! I was so happy they added Leg Lifters because my son spit up so much, it was great to have for our daughter. I give Snoo so much credit for making both my kids excellent sleepers!

Nanit Baby Monitor with Floor Stand: I originally purchased a Nanit for my son's nursery. I pre-ordered it before it was released because I am a tech nerd. It was a a great decision. Three and a half years later, we still have his and love it. I purchase the Nanit with the floor stand rather than the wall mount because it gives you the ability to move the Nanit around from room to room. When the kids were newborns, we set the Snoo up in our bedroom next to my side of the bed, the floor stand allowed me to put it over the Snoo. When they were about four months old, I moved the Snoo and Nanit to their nursery. Finally, when they moved to their cribs, I placed the Nanit behind the crib. So, while the floor stand is a bit more expensive, it worked out well for us. Additionally, my husband would never want to mount the less expensive version in three different locations, and the travel stand does not allow you to use the Nanit Insights. I'm getting off topic, as the Nanit really deserves it's own post! Bottom line, it's fantastic - get one!

I really loved the look of the crib in the RH Baby and Child inspiration photo, but wanted a more reasonably priced option. I found this one with similar carved wood trim and crown molding that boasts it's "a whiff of the French countryside"!

I purchased the matching nightstand, bookshelf, double dresser, changing tray, toddler guard rail, and full size bed rail, all in Cloud. When they say it's a 5-in-1 crib, they don't tell you, you have to purchase the guard rail or the bed rails, but I highly recommend doing so, if you plan to convert the crib to a full size bed. You want to buy all the accessories and potentially a second nightstand because you don't know how long they will manufacture that model. I have yet to order her a second nightstand to store, but am considering it so I have it when we're ready to move her to a full size bed.

I found the mobile while shopping at Buy Buy Baby. I like that it has buttons to start and stop rather than having to wind it up. I also sat in all the gliders with ottomans. I found the biggest comfiest one that would fit me and two kids! It's not available to purchase online but it's called the Abbyson Living Landon Velvet Glider and Ottoman Set.

My husband got seriously annoyed when I ordered these crystal chain pulls for the ceiling fan. 😆

I got the shimmering pink tissue cover at HomeGoods but I love this rose gold one too!

The Boho Heart Floral Wall Decor I found at Target, but can't really find anything else like it right now.

Sadly, my Glam Shag Rug in Rose Gold from West Elm is no longer available but this one is close! I also got this rug pad to protect the hardwood floor and for extra padding for the kids to play!

Grand Peony Wall Decals are really what drew me to the inspiration photo, so I splurged on them. I love them so much. It was also fun to put them up with my husband and mom.

The bunny rocker was a sweet gift from my mom. I love it sooooo much!

Do you see the petal pink crystal night light? MMM more pink and crystal - yes, please!

I am seriously obsessed with this Sound Machine. I have it in every bedroom and after baby moved from Snoo to crib, they still love that white noise. Shoot...I LOVE the one in our bedroom, it helps me sleep like a baby. I actually own TWO of the portable ones as well for travel and it worked wonders for newborn car rides.

I bought four crib sheets to match the room and changing pad. I love how soft Burt's Bees jersey knit is, so I got two blossom, one peach floral print, and blossom classic stripe. It's nice to have at least three so if one gets dirty or is in the laundry, you always have a back up. Plus, how could you not love matching the crib sheets!

I got these removable rose gold polka dots to add some more pink to the room. For reference, it took seven packages to achieve the look.

When my daughter was around four months old I put the Snoo where the rocking bunny is with the Nanit over it.

I purchased the wooden script name sign from Etsy. I paid a little extra for them to paint it pink and put glitter all over it! After having a boy, you need so much glitter and pink for baby girl!

I have a basic changing pad and four changing pad covers to match the sheets.

I have tried a bunch of different natural and organic diapers, but my all time favorites after two kids are these because they are so soft and biodegradable! Now when you look at the brand, make sure you get the "Eco-friendly" ones because I learned the hard way that the ones that don't say that ARE NOT THE SAME. They're not as soft or absorbent.

You can actually see the crib skirt in this picture.

I wanted a place for the whole family to sit, so I purchased this ivory tufted couch from Wayfair. We love to sit and look out the window, read books, or snuggle after baths here.

I had a really hard time finding a crystal curtain rod and hold backs that actually matched, but I love these! I used a 20% off coupon on both of course.

The best diaper warmer has almost 9,000 five star reviews and don't get me wrong, I love it, BUT did they have to make it green? I have two of them, the one not pictured here, I spray painted the green parts white, it bothered me so much ha! I had one downstairs next to the changing table when the kids were less than six months old.

I have two diaper pails. The one pictured is great for before baby starts solid foods because it has the foot pedal. When diapers start to get stinkier, I moved it to the garage, use these bags that smell nice, and put this diaper pail in the nursery because I think it keeps the odor down better. All poopy diapers go in the bags and into the pail in the garage. I have also found that the key to keeping the diaper smell at bay is Lysol disinfectant spray after I change the bag.

Here's my updated bookshelf with maternity photos and birth announcement in this frame. I have the Nanit's travel multi-stand here so in the future I can get a view of the whole room while I'm in the next room doing laundry and the kids play. I have a Sonos One Speaker with Alexa in here too, we're listening to Baby Shark music as I write this!

I picked up the faux peony floral arrangements, the lumbar pillow, and pink throw blanket, and silver frames, lamp, and curtains at HomeGoods pre-pandemic but Amazon has some pretty ones to pick from! I love to cuddle up with the fuzzy soft blanket when I nurse and use the lumbar pillow for support on one side.

I ended up changing the hamper for this one because it's more sturdy and looks less... frumpy.

When we moved in, all the closets in the house were completely empty. We measured them all and I designed all of them myself using EasyClosets. I absolutely love this company based in Wisconsin. They were so helpful with all our questions and they ship so quickly. I love the way her closet turned out too! My husband wanted to DIY and enjoyed the easy instructions. I plan to write a review about how we used EasyClosets for all five bedrooms, two coat closets, the laundry room, and the office!

Wow, after writing all of this, I did not realize how much time I spent enjoying shopping for her room. I hope you can gleam a few pieces of info and I have made it easier for you to create your very own glam pink floral boho Snoo nursery!

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