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Navy Blue Boys Room Ideas - RH Baby & Child Inspired

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you. Please read my disclosure for more info.

Navy Blue Boys Bedroom Ideas

When I started to think about redecorating my son's room from nursery to a sophisticated three-and-a-half-year-old, I really wanted something that would last him years. He goes through phases of liking different characters too often for me to want to commit to anything like that. So going from baby blue to navy blue made a lot of sense to me.

I like to think of myself as a savvy shopper. BUT I also have a really bad habit of getting inspired by beautiful things from RH Baby and Child. If you haven't looked through their catalog, my friend, hold onto your pocketbook, you're about to fall in love with their gorgeous interior designs.

If you're anything like me, you'll be doing this:

After you see the prices, you'll begin to scheme, how you too can have such a beautiful room without breaking the bank with a lil DIY or with a smaller budget.

When my son's black out blinds stopped working, I figured I would buy some black out curtains while I shipped the blinds off to be repaired. This led me down a RH Baby and Child dream rabbit hole. I started pinning on Pinterest all my hearts desires. I told myself and my husband, we can convert his toddler bed to a full size in November. Why November you ask? Well, because I have my eye on a Pottery Barn Kids Christmas duvet and matching sheet set - shhhh don't tell them that, they don't know. 🤫 THEN we can update it to be a RH Baby and Child room of my dreams. Anywho, once the curtains had arrived and the room was blacked out, beautifully, both my son and husband begged for a the new big boy bed! New bed you say? NO PROBLEM, I LOVE BEDDING! Let the shopping spree begin!

My son's room was originally the classic baby blue colors with puppies/dog-themed. I even used pictures of our own dogs as puppies with nice white frames and baby blue mats. I spray painted his name, a really cute dog lamp, and some dog bookends baby blue to match. But, at 3.5 the natural progression to a big boy room is navy according to my RH Baby & Child dream.

Before/ Baby Blue Puppy Nursery:

Baby Blue Boys Puppy Nursery

Baby Blue Boys Puppy Nursery

Baby Blue Boys Puppy Nursery

RH Baby & Child Inspiration: I absolutely love the navy comforter, blueprint artwork, the map tapestry and the travel theme for a boys room. The monogram pillows are such a great way to give it a personal touch.

After/ Big Boy Room:

Navy Blue Boys Bedroom RH Baby and Child

Navy Blue Boys Bedroom RH Baby and Child

Navy Blue Boys Bedroom RH Baby and Child

Look #2 with Pottery Barn Kids Monogrammed Rugby Striped duvet and pillow shams. I like to have at least one additional duvet so I don't have to wait around to wash and dry the other one. After getting his initials on the RH Baby and Child navy pillow shams, I decided to put his first and middle name on this set. Again, I LOVE PERSONALIZATION AND MONOGRAMS! And I love the idea that his middle name is the same as his dad's, so it's like a pillow for each of them. 🥰

Here's what I ended up purchasing for his room to bring the look to life:

I didn't want to paint his bedroom navy, so I chose to put as much navy into the room with a navy duvet, rug, artwork, curtains, and a huge tapestry.

You can look through all the details below or shop the room here

I am grouping the items by store below.


The Curtains that started it all - They really are blackout and have helped to reduce the afternoon heat in my son's room. They don't break the bank and get a lot of navy into the room.

Mattress - I chose an all-natural latex foam mattress because I love all-natural organic, of course, I didn't want an innerspring because my son is already jumping on it, it is highly rated on Consumer Reports, and really affordable.

Sleep on Latex Consumer Reports Rating

Box Spring - I selected this one because the slats are less than three inches apart for a foam mattress. I chose a box spring over a bunkie board because I liked the look and height with the box spring. Although, in the end, I added a navy box spring cover and bed skirt to match.

Box Spring Cover - The box spring has a white cover with a circular pattern. I don't mind it, but we have dogs that shed gray and I thought a navy cover would complete the look.

Bed Skirt - I wasn't going to do both a box spring cover and a bed skirt, but I decided to because the dogs and baby girl were trying to go under the bed non-stop. She was getting stuck and bumping her head and crying. The dogs were refusing to come out and were making it their new hideout - that had to stop. At first, I ordered one with pleated corners, only to realize with a footboard, you need a split. So make sure you order right!

Damask Sheets - These were highly rated and affordable on Amazon and every bed should have at least two sets of sheets so you can change them without waiting to wash and dry or in case there's a pee accident in the bed.

Lamps - Originally, I was going to get something similar to the inspiration photos and even found a much more reasonable option on Costco (which was out of stock). After doing some searching for rustic lamps, I fell in love with these because of their Eddison bulb night light. I love the orange glow that they give off. They have a lightbulb under the shades as well and can be turned off independently of each other or at the same time. The bonus is they have USB chargers on them too. They were more than I wanted to spend but I justify it because they were cheaper than the RH Baby ones, right?!

Bronze Tissue Cover - I wanted to match the lamps. The old cover was silver, which would have matched the new picture frames on the car and plane art, but sitting next to the lamps, I felt it needed to be bronze.

Navy Spray Paint for his name letters. I bought two different colors of blue. One was chalk paint and I thought I would just return the one I didn't like. BUT I didn't read the return policy, since it's a flammable liquid, it is not returnable. Don't be like me. Pick a color you love before purchasing from Amazon.

Hatch Rest+ Baby Sound Machine - this is sitting on his dresser. I originally bought it because I read a lot of other moms had luck keeping their toddlers in bed until the nightlight came on. When we switched from a crib to the toddler bed with railing, at bedtime, my son was getting out of bed and running to the door. We told him to stay in bed until the green light came on and he actually did! So I highly recommend it. When I went to my niece's first birthday, my sister-in-law had hers on during the day playing lovely bird sounds. Since then, I have programmed mine to do the same! I love the nature sounds it has.

Whish White Noise Sound Machine I have this white noise sound machine in ALL of our bedrooms and I got it before the Hatch Rest+. I am so addicted to it, and can't sleep without it. I love that it has 16 different sounds but the Fan 2 setting is my jam! I am a firm believer in the 5s' from The Happiest Baby on the Block


Down Comforter - I trust Costco, it's reviews, and we have a king down comforter from there too. If you don't have a down comforter, you are missing out on sleeping in the clouds! I purchased the queen size with year round warmth. I made sure to order queen sized blankets vs. full because I like more blanket.

Pillows - I got two nicer down pillows from Costco as well because - hey...who knows how long he's going to be sleeping on them, they should be nice. We spend a third of our lives in bed they say! I got two more cost-friendly pillows from Amazon to fill the monogrammed pillows since he won't be sleeping on them. However, he does like to put all the pillows in the bed with his stuffed animals and make a "nest".

Rug Pad - I had purchased one of these for my daughter's room and have liked it. Keeps the rug in place.

Storage Bench - a Costco purchase. I loved the nail head finish and it was under his window. He loved to use it to look out but now he uses it to launch himself from the footboard into bed. They don't carry the one pictured anymore but they have some similar ones.

RH Baby & Child:

Duvet Cover - I searched high and low for a more affordable high-quality navy blue linen duvet cover, but alas...RH Baby and Child got the best of me when I found out I could add a monogram to the pillow shams to complete the look for the low low cost of $9.

Airplane Sheets - I couldn't find anything like these anywhere else, so I splurged on them to match the artwork I created.

Tapestry - Again...this huge piece of art is really one of a kind. I couldn't find anything near ten feet long and seven-foot-high and this was a really big part of my vision for the room.

RH Rocking Dog - I fell in love with this for the nursery. At three and a half he still rides it, it's quite comical but Restoration Hardware doesn't sell this particular one anymore.

Vintage Blueprint Artwork DIY Hack - I love graphic design and I didn't want to shell out the money for the RH Baby and Child artwork, so I designed my own! Check out RH Baby & Child's on the left for $126/$169 vs mine for $13 - I added frames with mats too, see below!

RH Baby & Child



My poster print is 11 x 14 but can be any size you like

RH Baby & Child



My poster print is 11 x 14 but can be any size you like

Frames - Dick Blick has really high-quality frames with the matting already included. I love that they clearly lay out the size of the frame and the opening of the mat. The RH Baby and Child frames have the artwork "floating" on the mat. At first, I didn't understand why. When I got my frames and was trying to put my artwork in, I realized that since the artwork has two white rectangular borders on it, it is darn near impossible to line up behind the mat nicely. So, I ended up floating mine too, which is just a fancy way of saying I put the artwork on top of the mat instead of behind it. I paid a total of $74 for the two frames (including taxes) + about $24 for my two prints above = $98 for my RH Baby and Child hack vs $338 for a non-member or $252 for a member (membership is $100/year). Money saved: $154-$240

Close up of the finished product

Sonos One Smart Speaker - Music makes playing in his room so much more fun. I am obsessed with Sonos. We have them all over our house. I love just telling Alexa to play whatever song he wants!

Rug - RH Baby and Child has a lot of beautiful rugs but dang are they expensive! I ended up with this one and am very happy with it. His last rug was a shag that got a lot of dog hair and play dough in it. I'm really happy with the low pile.

Letters - I bought these when the room was a nursery and they were baby blue. I love the way they turned out in navy for the room. Adding a name or monogram to a room makes it so cozy and personal.

4-in-1 Crib to Full Size Bed - We have used this bed since it was a crib, turned it into a toddler bed with railing, and now a full-size bed. I went ahead and bought an additional nightstand to finish his room, luckily three and half years later they still make them! Make sure you use a 20% coupon on each item! I had to go into the store, pre-pandemic to use each one because I hoard every Bed Bath and Beyond coupon, I ever get to use at either Buy Buy Baby or Bed Bath and Beyond!

IKEA Table - We stained this dark brown to match our floors. It's really cheap but gets the job done.

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