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Closet Organization Ideas - DIY Designs

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you. Please read my disclosure for more info.

I set a goal to write a post at least once a week. Today, I'm reaching for the low hanging fruit haha! I find a lot of my inspiration comes from pictures and I happen to have a lot from our finished closet projects that we're pretty proud of. Maybe you've got some wire closet organizers that could use some updating - if on! Hang onto your hats for this thrilling closet post!

When my husband and I moved into our brand new home we were so excited. It was both a blessing and a curse that the closets were completely unfinished. We were glad that we were able to customize them the way we wanted but it also not having anywhere to put our stuff put pressure on us to get something installed as soon as possible. We were glad that the builders did not decide to put in wire shelving but we have A LOT of closets.

After getting a few outrageous quotes for beautiful closet designs, I knew if I was given the closet design tool, I could totally design my own closets. Meeting with some of the professional designers gave me some ideas about how to think through each design. So when I came across EasyClosets, I was elated. I would do the measuring and designing, my uncle who is very handy would come help install our first closet, then after my husband learned the ropes, he was able to do the remaining closets himself. My father-in-law also loved helping, they bonded over some of the closets. 🥰

We did the closets over time as we needed them (when expecting babies!) the most but we used EasyClosets for all of them. They are a fantastic company. Since they manufacture and ship right from Holland, Michigan their product quality and customer service are excellent. When you call them, you're talking to someone there in Holland, and they even assign you a designer to look over your designs, so you cannot mess it up. The shipping is so fast - FREE ONE BUSINESS DAY here in Illinois - WHAT?! YES, Please. I didn't think I could love a closet company...but I do.

Our most recent and my personal favorite closet (only moms have favorite closets?) is of course in my daughter's nursery. There are two reach in closets with double doors. They do not have a wall in between them so I utilized the space between as well. You can see it in the photo below. Here's a photo with the door closed and how we used it as storage with shelves before we installed EasyClosets.

Here's the finished baby girl nursery closet. For nurseries EasyClosets offers a set of three rods for baby clothes! I have her three outfits for her one year photoshoot hanging on the top and all of her dresses hung by color in the middle. I hang the matching bloomers/ diaper covers over the hanger so they don't get lost. I love to use these hangers because they're pink and keep the little clothes on nice Her swimsuits are on the bottom. I like to keep at least four packages of my favorite diapers, my favorite wipes (because they are they are unscented and I use them at the dining table to wipe hands and faces after the kids eat), and the best scented diaper bags. I am in love with her little suitcase with her name on it. I keep her crib sheets and blankets in the wire drawers. You can read all about the nursery in last week's post if you're interested.

baby girl nursery closet

Aren't baby shoes the cutest most unnecessary things?🥰 The hangers come in gray too. I use black ones in our closet.

I will have to update a post with the other side of the closet. Right now, it's not looking as beautiful. 😉

I am equally as proud of our son's walk in closet. Here's a screenshot of the EasyClosets tool circa 2016. On the left you can see I added a set of three hanging rods for infant clothes. I'm not as proud to say that after three and a half years, and him growing out of so many clothes, it needs to be cleaned out! I have a hard time keeping up with how fast he grows out of clothes! Perhaps one day when I get the energy to clean it, I will add it to the picture. But you can see from the design on the right it is similar to my daughter's, with the wire drawers. His is a walk-in with two walls that you can see at the top of the design. You basically just enter the dimensions of each wall, then tell the tool what kind of shelving or hanging you want in each section. You can mix and match too, it's totally customizable - it's really amazing.

In my dream world, my son's closet is this organized on a daily basis:

This is the closet in our office. I use it as a craft and wrapping paper/party closet! When I wrap gifts, the white organizer rolls out and it has an arm that folds out to wrap presents on! (And I know what you're thinking, that's expensive. But'll be wrapping presents for the rest of your life! You might as well be organized about it.) On the shelves I keep my tissue paper, bows, and gift bags organized by season and occasions. I also recently discovered my love of balloons, so I have my own helium tank! When I see balloons I be like:

On the left I have my sewing machine (I've made a handful of baby quilts), all my paint, markers, printer paper, and crafting goodies. On the right, I have our binders full of house manuals and hardware and the kids' baby books that I should probably be working on instead of blogging 😃. This is probably the best example of my closet organization ideas.

Since this little craft closet is technically located in a bedroom I wanted it to have hanging rods in case it ever becomes a clothes closet in the future. Plus keeping it simple, keeps it on the lower end of the budget.

Below is our laundry room closet. It is a walk in and I connected the top shelf. I added a rod for hanging clean clothes. My main tip for the laundry room closet is to make sure you measure the height of your laundry baskets so they fit below the bottom shelf. Or however many laundry baskets you keep stacked should fit under the bottom shelf.

To organize, when I was younger, I was clueless. At first I thought it wasn't really necessary to put things in bins with lids or put in drawer organizers, but after seeing things in them with labels...I love it. Thanks to my mother-in-law who loves organizing. My husband must have gotten the organization gene because he added the garage hanging organizer on the right to hold the ironing board, steam mop for all our hardwood floors, and the cordless Dyson vacuum head.

You don't have to have a walk-in closet in your laundry room to use EasyClosets either. They have some pretty good ideas on their website for above the washer and dryer and even the drawers and cabinets.

In our bathroom we have a reach in linen closet.

The EasyClosets design tool helps you utilize all the space. I wasn't sure if I should put the shelves all the way across or put shelves in the corner. I decided to put them in the corner because I think the wall on the left would have made it harder to reach a shelf that went all the way across the wall.

Here's the linen closet with less stuff on it.

This is our guest bedroom walk in closet. I tried to have space for pants, shirts, and a lot of shoes. We finished this one when our father-in-law came to stay with us for a few months before they moved to Illinois.

How my father-in-law's stuff looked while he was visiting haha!

Here's another exciting closet! This is our wonderful coat closet. The one thing I do love is that you can pick the color of the hanging rods, accessories, baskets, and of course the shelves. In some of the rooms we went with chrome to match the door handles, and some we chose bronze to match the room's other knobs or hardware.

coat closet design
Fabulous coat closet!

Are you still there? Still interested in my closets?! Of course you are. You're probably sitting there thinking, well show me your master bedroom already, lady! As I mentioned before, when we moved in, we were closet amateurs and we were in a hurry to hang up our stuff. It gets really old living out of boxes. Below is what our master closet ended up looking like! Since we were in a rush and didn't know what we were doing, we did hire this one out to a local company. We could have saved a lot of money using EasyClosets. But, you can see that the sets of drawers and the shoe shelf on the left side go all the way down to the floor. We have seven inch baseboards and to install closets that go all the way to the floor you must know how or be willing to learn to cut into those beauties. I wasn't ready for that but if you have a few closets under your belt, know how to use a saw, or don't have baseboards, EasyClosets offers the exact same look! I wear a lot of dresses so I have a lot of long hanging sections on my side.

I'll give you a peek at it's current state. My husband manages to keep his side a little bit more organized than me 😬. Having drawers in the closet is fantastic. It basically opens up the dresser in our room for all the bedding (I'm obsessed with bedding). Although, you can see our decorative pillows have ended up on the top shelf. But as far as closets go, I do actually enjoy going in ours. I added three chandeliers, because...they're gorgeous. I also love looking at our wedding day shadow box everyday. I designed the invitations and all the paper items, so it brings me a lot of joy. The little ottoman is great for putting your socks or shoes on.

Let's pretend that my side of the closet looks this cleaned up 😉:

Another thing to consider in the design of this closet was the attic entrance! I originally thought about putting a wall of shelving, but there's no way you'd be able to access the attic. So, I added a big full length mirror, nail head vision board, and rolling hamper to the wall. If you can't tell, I love robes. Pink ones, red ones, silky ones, terry cloth. I love them allllll. If you look in the mirror you can see my wall of shoes. It is overflowing. Always design your closet with walls of shoe space if you can. The rolling laundry hamper has changed my life. No more sorting for me! I just wheel this baby down the hall to the laundry room.

If you haven't lost interest yet, this photo is last because, it's a little messier than I'd like. But it does show the bronze hanging rods. This lovely coat closet is in our mudroom. I tried to leave some space for long coats and short coats. The organization needs some attention but you get the picture!

As a bonus, I'll show you my basement bedroom which after five years of living in this house is not finished but does have some organization, thanks to my husband. My advice...if you don't finish the closet, at least get a shelf and some clear storage bins and label them. Also you can see how much we love Sonos, get those too.

Shwew, that was a lot of closet and organization talk. I hope I've helped someone out there in closet land trying to decide if they can do it themselves. I'm here to tell you, you can my friend, you can. Best of closeting to ya!

How do you organize your closets? Do you think you'd try to DIY?

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